About School

Asma Public School has identified curriculum, assessment of student learning outcomes and faculty preparation as basic to the enterprise. It is these elements, we contend, that must be continually improved as part of the internal integrity process that defines academic quality of the school.

Each classroom has large windows to permit adequate natural light into the classroom. The school was designed keeping in perspective around 70 sq.ft of floor space per child to permit flexibility and movement within the school as per International standards. Each class room has cork boards on the walls providing adequate display space for the work of the students. The school compound has several plants and trees of different varieties which helps the teachers to organize a nature trail around the school. Also the school provides cab facility and separate classes for boys and girls.

The school encourages students to actively participate in all inter-house competitions, annual functions, and national festival celebrations arranged all through the year. There is a huge requirement of a Very good Girls Madrasa including Islamic school Syllabus. This town is one of the fastest growing Cities in Araria. (Bihar) many more small & big industry has been set up here. So suddenly the population has grown & need a Madrasa & Islamic school.

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